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AccessPlatform 3.3 and JPA 2.1

We will soon be releasing AccessPlatform 3.3. This is coming very soon after 3.2, and the reason for this is that it is simply AccessPlatform 3.2 plus full support for JPA 2.1 (i.e an upgraded datanucleus-api-jpa plugin). From that point … Continue reading

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DataNucleus AccessPlatform v3.1 coming soon …

Almost a year from the release of version 3.0 and we move close to the release of version 3.1 (due late in July 2012). So what has changed in that time ? Consolidation While DataNucleus’ plugin architecture is very flexible, … Continue reading

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AccessPlatform 2.0 is released

a day ahead of schedule! Many internal APIs have changed so if making use of DataNucleus classes be prepared to update your code before using this release. The migration guide can be found here. As ever, report any issues found … Continue reading

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