DN v5 : Multi-tenancy improvements

JDO and JPA APIs don’t define any support for multi-tenancy, other than where you want to have 1 PMF/EMF per tenant and they have their own database or schema. DataNucleus introduced support for multi-tenancy using the same schema back in v4, whereby the tables that are shared will have an extra discriminator column which specifies the tenant the row applies to, and you specify a persistence property datanucleus.tenantId for the PMF/EMF you are using, defining the tenant it is for. This is fine as far as it goes, but requires that each tenant have their own PMF/EMF. DataNucleus v5 makes this more flexible.

The first change is that you can now specify that same persistence property on the PM/EM (pm.setProperty(…), em.setProperty(…)), so you can now potentially have a PM/EM for each tenant, and the data is separated that way via the tenancy discriminator as in v4. The use-case for this is where you have a web based system and each request has a user, so you create a PM/EM, set the tenant id based on the user, and then each database access will use the appropriate tenant.

PersistenceManage pm1 = pmf.getPersistenceManager();
pm1.setProperty("datanucleus.tenantId", "John");
... // All operations under tenant "John"

PersistenceManager pm2 = pmf.getPersistenceManager();
pm2.setProperty("datanucleus.tenantId", "Gary");
... // All operations under tenant "Gary"

The second change is that you can optionally also specify a MultiTenancyProvider, implementing this interface

public interface MultiTenancyProvider
     String getTenantId(ExecutionContext ec);

and specify the persistence property datanucleus.tenantProvider to point to an instance of your MultiTenancyProvider class. This means that, for example, if you have some session variable that identifies the user and want to share the PM/EM across your users, then you can use this provider instance to define the tenant id for each call. This feature is likely going to be much less useful than the different tenant per PM/EM but it is there for your convenience.

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