Enhancing in v3.2

Whilst a “final release” of version 3.2 of DataNucleus is still some way off, some important changes have been made to the enhancement process that people need to be aware of, and can benefit from.

JDO : Ability to enhance all classes as “detachable” without updating metadata

When you enhance classes for the JPA API they are all made detachable without a need to specify anything in the metadata (since JPA doesn’t have a concept of not being detachable). With JDO the default is not detachable (for backwards compatibility with JDO1 which didn’t have the detachment concept). In v3.2 of DataNucleus you can set the alwaysDetachable option (see the enhancer docs ) and all classes will be enhanced detachable without the need to touch the metadata; much easier than opening up every class or metadata file and adding detachable=”true” !

JPA : Throwing of exceptions due to the bytecode enhancement contract

The bytecode enhancement contract requires that classes throw exceptions under some specific situations where information is either not present or not valid. These always used JDO-based exceptions before to match the JDO bytecode enhancement contract exactly. These are now changed to better suit the JPA API, and remove a need to understand JDO when using JPA.

  • if a non-detached field was accessed then a JDODetachedFieldAccessException was thrown; this is now changed to an (java.lang.)IllegalAccessException.
  • in some cases where an internal error occurred a JDOFatalInternalException would be thrown; this is now changed to an (java.lang.)IllegalStateException.

No “datanucleus-enhancer.jar”, and no need of external “asm.jar”

The DataNucleus enhancer was always maintained as a separate project, but is now merged into datanucleus-core.jar and so will be available directly whenever you have DataNucleus in your CLASSPATH. Taking this further, the enhancer makes use of the excellent ASM library and in v3.2 datanucleus-core.jar includes a repackaged version of the ASM v4.1 classes internally. This means that you have one less dependency also and can do enhancement with less thinking.
PS Remember, bytecode enhancement is “evil”, developers of some other persistence solution told you that back in 2003, and you should never forget it! 😉
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