TJDO has left the building

As anyone who has been using DataNucleus (and JPOX before it) for some time will know, it all started out (in 2003) as TJDO. This project was forked to provide all of the missing functionality that JDO requires and users of that technology demand (starting with application identity, and all common ORM relationship patterns). Over the last 7 years components have been rewritten one-by-one

  • Table handling code was upgraded to cater for JDO2 inheritance strategies
  • MetaData was rewritten to match the JDO2 definition (replacing TJDO’s JDO1-style handling)
  • Transaction handling was rewritten to cater for XA transactions
  • Mapping code was rewritten to split into java type handling and datastore handling

DataNucleus SVN trunk (v2.2) now removes the last significant component of TJDO … its JDOQL implementation for RDBMS (known in v2.1 as “Legacy”); it is now totally replaced by the generic-query-expression-tree approach that allows many many additional JDOQL queries to execute. There still remain some TJDO vestiges but nothing of any significance. R.I.P

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