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Writing data to Excel from Java – the simple way

On the web you can find some blogs about how to use Apache POI to create an Excel spreadsheet. They typically contain reams of code just to add a simple table and some rows of data. It’s always amazing the … Continue reading

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TJDO has left the building

As anyone who has been using DataNucleus (and JPOX before it) for some time will know, it all started out (in 2003) as TJDO. This project was forked to provide all of the missing functionality that JDO requires and users … Continue reading

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JDO Typesafe Queries : Part 2 – Expressions

Continuing on from the previous post, in order to be able to express components of a query in a Java style we need to represent all fields/properties/parameters/variables as expressions. The type of the field/property/parameter/variable determines its expression type. Let’s take … Continue reading

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