"JPQL2" becomes the default JPQL implementation for RDBMS

The rewrite of JPQL for RDBMS, formerly known as “JPQL2” is now the default JPQL implementation in DataNucleus SVN trunk. It passes the JPA TCK completely, and so no reason not to swap over to using it now. So if you want to use the old (legacy) implementation of JPQL for RDBMS you must define the implementation


It’s likely that there are some combinations of expressions that still need adding but provides a good basis for JPA querying.

The reason that JDOQL2 is not yet the default is that JDOQL requires support for variables to define joins, whereas JPQL has explicit joins defined in its syntax, hence it was easier to provide JPQL. Hopefully JDOQL2 won’t be too far behind. Report any problems with this implementation of JPQL using JIRA for project “NUCRDBMS”.

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One Response to "JPQL2" becomes the default JPQL implementation for RDBMS

  1. Just a very marginal remark: maybe JPQL1 would have been a better name instead of JPQL-Legacy.
    Because JPQL2 would become “legacy” as well when JPQL3 will be released 🙂


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